We Bring The Stellar Cold

About us:

We are FRIG from Bucharest and we craft our unique blend of metal and electronic music to create a new creative fusion of modern metal with avantgarde, doom, techno and industrial influences devoted to the theme of Cosmos.

The band strives to represent the frame of avantgarde metal music influenced by progressive and post-industrial metal styles that leaves the explorer band members open to experiment while still sticking to an eruptive sound.

From dark tuned vocals, hard guitar riffs, tribal drums and bass meet a rugged recipe of synthesizers pitch notes to express the astrophysical phenomenon of outer space: “FRIG” translated as cold from Romanian language.

The project came out in 2015 as a phenomenon (both in outer space and for the Earth’s atmospheres) with multiple effects in the background implemented in a Romanian musical project, especially trying to escape in all cold figures, even from its dark vibrations.

To remember Earth’s fellows that above and beyond us there it is still enough unpolluted view connecting thoughts, minds and souls apart from the worldwide system of values or non-values.

Extended to 2020 and further in a totally new form — here we are where FRIG transform itself and get its biogas ready to explore another corridors from this world along with your supportive presence at our live performances.


vid nocturn″ was our first release in 2018 and captures through telescope lenses a deem light of symbolism between cosmos lifespan and sheer nature code where the auditory senses a story of a journey through astray. It was mixed and mastered in Berlin by sound engineer and music producer specialised in film scoring and metal music, Enrico Tiberi, who worked for labels like Sony, Universal, Warner.

genOm is our new instrumental EP and is more dark sound oriented, featuring doom touches and hyper electronic sounds from techno area, introducing a new fusion of subgenres of techno and industrial enchanced by a metalic sound.
genOm describes the evolution from macro to micro, zooming into our universe and analysing human condition and emotions, neuronal connections and the cosmic web that binds everything together.
The concept and sound of the EP is best defined by Australe, our new single that features an abstract music video. The key theme is South pole of Mars and the evidence of water. Sergio Ponti (Dordeduh, Sunset In The 12th House) was our special guest behind the drums bringing the sound to progressive metal spheres.

An introduction to genOm:

genOm proposes one of the most ambitious projects of refreshing the nature. There is an evidence that the struggle for living in nature must imply each form of human understanding and expression. Music has become the easiest way of entering the universe of art and to comprehend it. The band members seem to have understood this aspect and with their second material, genOm, they try to develop a reforestation campaign of Romania, in the first place. Sadly, the Romanian forests are in a continuous disappearance, thus, as citizens of this fairy-like land and with virgin forests, the artists try to both arouse the interest and trigger an alarm signal. Therefore, the album will also contain a package, including exotic varieties of seeds and the necessary instructions. It is an action that wishes to achieve both the practical plan and a live exhibition, with projections and unique scenic elements for the Romanian audience. There will be technical elements that will make audio-visual connections between the terrestrial and the cosmos. We are referring to a series of events aiming to develop the human vision and understanding the humankind is an integrated and active part of this vast Universe.


Alex Deak – synth

Dragoș Schipor – bass guitar

Gabi Neagu – guitar

Ștefan Maidaniuc – drums