We Bring The Stellar Cold

About us:

We are FRIG, a Romanian band based in Bucharest. We craft our unique blend of metal and electronic music to create a new creative fusion of modern metal with avant-garde, doom, techno, and industrial influences devoted to the theme of Cosmos.

From dark tuned vocals, hard guitar riffs, tribal drums, and bass meet a rugged recipe of synthesizer pitch notes to express the astrophysical phenomenon of outer space: “FRIG” translated as cold from the Romanian language.

The project came out in 2015 when Alex Deak decided it was time to transform his passion into reality. In time, FRIG’s members have changed, but the initial identity and the message Alex wanted to convey remained. Extended to 2020 and further in a totally new form — here we are where FRIG transforms itself — ready to explore other corridors from this world along with your supportive presence at our live performances.


vid nocturn″ was released in 2018 and it is our first release. It captures a deem light of symbolism between the cosmos lifespan and sheer nature code where the auditory senses a story of a journey through astray. It was mixed and mastered in Berlin by Enrico Tiberi. He is a sound engineer and music producer specialized in film scoring and metal music, who worked for labels like Sony, Universal, Warner.

genOm is our newest instrumental EP and it has darker sounds-oriented, featuring doom and hyper electronic sounds from the techno area. The EP describes the evolution from macro to micro, zooming into our universe and analyzing human condition, neuronal connections, and the cosmos that binds everything together. The concept and sound are best defined by Australe, our single that features an abstract music video. The key theme is the South pole of Mars and the evidence of water. Sergio Ponti (Dordeduh, Sunset In The 12th House) was our special guest behind the drums, bringing the sound to progressive metal spheres.

An introduction to genOm:

‘genOm’, the band’s latest release, proposes one of the most ambitious projects of refreshing nature. It is well known that here in Romania the virgin forests disappear alarmingly, so basically with ‘genOm’ FRIG started a great campaign of reforesting the country. How does this work? All of these lead to a unique design and a biodegradable package, including exotic varieties of seeds, the necessaries instructions for plantation, and a generated QR code for the final EP, for you to listen to Digital. Once you plant the seeds you get to look for a brighter, greener future.

‘genOm’ is known to have its inspiration from two different, yet inspiring areas. In the fields of molecular biology and genetics, a genome is the genetic material of an organism. It consists of DNA (or RNA in RNA viruses). The genome includes both the genes (the coding regions) and the noncoding DNA. The term genome was created in 1920 by Hans Winkler, professor of botany at the University of Hamburg, Germany. The Oxford Dictionary suggests the name is a blend of the words gene and chromosome.
The material also takes its name from Geosmin, a compound responsible for the earthy taste of beetroots and a contributor to the strong scent that occurs in the air when rain falls after a dry spell of weather or when soil is disturbed (its name is derived from the Ancient Greek geo- earth and osme – smell). It’s produced by various blue-green algae and filamentous bacteria in the class Actinomyces. What it’s truly amazing is that the human nose is extremely sensitive to geosmin and is able to detect it at concentrations as low as 5 parts per trillion.


Alex Deak – synth
Marius Andrei Ionescu – bass
Alexandru Ionuț Manole – rhythm guitar
Alexandru-Mihai Balmos – drums