‘genOm’ EP is now available on the Cărturești’s bookstore and website.

‘genOm’, the band’s latest release, proposes one of the most ambitious projects of refreshing nature. It is well known that here in Romania the virgin forests disappear alarmingly, so basically with ‘genOm’ FRIG started a great campaign of reforesting the country. How does this work? All of these lead to a unique design and a biodegradable package, including exotic varieties of seeds, the necessaries instructions for plantation and a generated QR code for the final EP, for you to listen on Digital. Once you plant the seeds you get to look for a brighter, greener future.

Cărturești is a cultural venue that functions as a bookshop, tea studio, and project space, taking direct action towards revitalizing the Romanian artistic life, urban pleasures and social responsibilities. Since its opening at the end of year 2000, Cărturești set its mission on changing the trend in the downsloping book market, promoting quality and value by regarding clients’ demands as a priority investment.

We are proud to inform you that starting now you can find our ‘genOm’ EP on the Cărturești‘s bookstore and website.