genOm EP aims for a practical involvement through art in the rebirth of Nature

genOm proposes one of the most ambitious projects of refreshing the nature. There is an evidence that the struggle for living in nature must imply each form of human understanding and expression. Music has become the easiest way of entering the universe of art and to comprehend it. The band members seem to have understood this aspect and with their second material, genOm, they try to develop a reforestation campaign of Romania, in the first place. Sadly, the Romanian forests are in a continuous disappearance, thus, as citizens of this fairy-like land and with virgin forests, the artists try to both arouse the interest and trigger an alarm signal. Therefore, the album will also contain a package, including exotic varieties of seeds and the necessary instructions. It is an action that wishes to achieve both the practical plan and a live exhibition, with projections and unique scenic elements for the Romanian audience. There will be technical elements that will make audio-visual connections between the terrestrial and the cosmos. We are referring to a series of events aiming to develop the human vision and understanding the humankind is an integrated and active part of this vast Universe.

Description – The Process of Planting the Seeds
The contained seeds bring a variety of information and include trees and fruit trees (apple tree, lemon tree, cherimoya tree, carob tree, shrubs and medicinal plants such as basil, senna alexandrina). The seed can be separated from the initial stand and be planted in different stages; or the stand can be cut into pieces and reused. Thus, for a correct gradual germination, the stand seed should be kept in the room temperature, in a water bowl (with the water slightly exceeding the seed level).
Fill the vessel with water and cover it with a cloth. The smaller seeds require 4 to 6 hours, while the large ones up to 12 hours. After the soaking time has expired, empty the water container and rinse the seeds. Keep them in a moist, dark and well protected environment throughout the germination process.
The seeds open gradually, so keep checking on them for a week (water them once every two days). Plant them in flowerpots, after 3-5 days the sprouting should take place. The seed come from the personal collection based on the consumption of the mentioned fruits and plaints. Thus, the procurement was done from different sources (Morocco, Romania, Turkey), part of them are collected from spontaneous flora, some are from local bazaars and markets.

More informations and details soon!

Cover photo: (c) NASA