Pre-Order is Open for FRIG’s EP genOm

Known for their astral live shows and exclusively original material, this four piece from Bucharest, rapidly got attention in Romanian avant-garde metal scene. According to Cultartes Magazine, FRIG represents ‘a both cosmic and human journey between worlds, while their sound is a spaceship that takes you in places where the universal spirit and the solar energy become an expression of individual’s inner expansion.

genOm EP aims to be one of the most ambitious projects helping the environment. We want to trigger an alarm signal on Romanian deforestation, so the pre-order sale implies buying the biodegradable package, that comes with a generated QR code for future genOm Ep and a high-quality studio version of Australe song.

genOm will be available Digital only – with care for our environment, and our buyers will receive a package of a variety of exotic seeds and the necessary instructions for plantation. No plastic used, the package is all biodegradable. Get the change to help Romanian forests.

First 20 items sold will get:

  • FREE access to bonus track ‘Exogenesis‘ (in memory of Stephen Hawking)
  • 10% discount to our merch section
  • personalized items or genOm posters signed by the band
  • Film yourself planting the seed, then tag FRIG’s page on Facebook and add our T-shirt merch link in the same post. We’ll make sure you’ll receive a discount for our future items in the merch section.
  • EXTRA OFFER: Pre-Order the album + one of our t-shirts and get the vid nocturn’’ which comes in a digipack sign by the band for FREE (*only for the first 20 pre-orders)

Handcrafted by Isabella Măldăianu

Place your order on: or via message on our Facebook page

Preview of the biodegradable package
Preview of the biodegradable package